The Movement Disorders Society of the Philippines (MDSP) is a non profit organization composed of a dedicated team of clinicians, researchers, scientists and paramedical personnel trained and interested in the realm of movement disorders and other neurodegenerative disorders related to disorders of the basal ganglia and its circuitry. The spectrum of disorder includes the following: Parkinson disease, Parkinsonism, Dystonia and X linked dystonia Parkinsonism (Lubag), Tremors and related disorders, Tics and Tourette syndrome, Myoclonus, Ataxia, Restless legs syndrome and gait disorders.

The society was founded in 1999 and the first president of the society was Dr. Mayvelyn D. Gose of the University of the Philippines.  The purpose of establishing MDSP was to provide an avenue whereby the members can share knowledge, educate, foster research interests and provide competent, state of the art management in patients suffering from movement disorders. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines approved MDSP as a non-profit organization, the following year.

In 2005, through the efforts of Prof. Raymond L. Rosales of the University of Sto. Tomas, the MDSP became  recognized as an affiliate organization of the Philippine Neurological Association (PNA), through a memorandum of agreement struck with then PNA President, Dr Romeo Enriquez.

In 2009, an educational activity was launched in cooperation with PNA and the Movement Disorders Council of the Philippines. This was the first national MDSP Scientic Activity entitled ‘Movement Disorder in Focus’ and supported by the international movement disorders society (MDS)-Asian Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS), held at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City on Nov. 18-19, 2009. This close collaboration with the activities of the MDS-AOS, eventually led the MDSP to become an officially recognised affiliate society of MDS, during the same Cebu occasion. No less than the then MDS President, Dr. Philip Thompson, did the honors of inducting and affirming the set of officers, advisers and directors of MDSP.

Succeeding Prof. Rosales was Dr. Roland Dominic Jamora of the University of the Philippines from 2014 until 2018. Under his leadership, MDSP reached out to the primary care physicians through a series of ‘Movement Learning Camps’ aimed at enriching attendees on the diagnosis and management of common movement disorders. The first national lay forum  on PD was held in 2014. In March 2016, the Philippines hosted the 5th AOPMC and 11th APPA meeting in Manila.

Currently at the helm of MDSP leadership is Prof. Arlene Ng of St. Luke’s Medical Center.


  1. To provide highest level of competent care among patients suffering from Movement Disorders in the Philippines
  2. To perform research that will better characterize, and hopefully cure patients with movement disorders
  3. To kindle research and subspecialty interest among peers and young colleagues
  4. To disseminate awareness among general practitioners, subspecialties and lay people regarding the realm of movement disorders
  5. To provide educational resources regarding the spectrum of movement disorders
  6. To establish adequate and coordinated referral system among the different health care facilities and movement disorder centers
  7. Through its international collaboration, provide an avenue to represent the Philippines and its movement disorders patients globally